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Procedures: Foot


Jones Fracture Treatment

A Jones fracture involves an injury to the fifth metatarsal bone of the foot, which is the bone at the base of the small toe. It was named for Sir Robert Jones, who first described the fracture in an article in 1902. This type of injury most often occurs as a result of an ankle sprain or other type of inversion foot injury, and not as a result of direct impact to the area. A Jones fracture may also be caused by a stress or fatigue fracture.

Patients with a Jones fracture may experience pain on the middle and outside of their foot, along with swelling and difficulty walking. Treatment for a Jones fracture is most often done by immobilizing the area with a cast and using crutches to avoid putting weight on the bone. If a Jones fracture does not heal properly, it can become a chronic condition and may require surgery to repair the fracture and keep the bone in place with a screw or bone graft. Surgery may also be performed as the initial treatment option for competitive athletes or other patients who require a speedy healing period from this type of injury.

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